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Chicago Appleseed and Chicago Council of Lawyers welcome you to their Collaboration For Justice's annual celebration of the contributions of our firm and organizational partners, pro bono lawyers, and donors who are dedicated to improving lives by improving courts.

A special thank you to our generous sponsors for their support...

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The Impact of a Donation

We have launched this virtual Pro Bono Spotlight to celebrate the volunteers whose contributions have directly supported the Collaboration for Justice’s mission to make courts equitable, transparent, and accessible. The contributions of these volunteers have allowed us to help hundreds-of-thousands of people in Cook County, Illinois, and across the country.


The Chicago Appleseed Fund For Justice is a research and advocacy nonprofit that leverages unique insights and best practices to make the court system more fair, accessible, and effective. The Chicago Council of Lawyers is Chicago's first public interest bar association, whose focus is the benefit of non-members, particularly those from communities that historically have not had equal access to the justice system. Together, these organizations form the Collaboration for Justice. 


Our organization operates with a multidisciplinary staff, but we could not accomplish our systemic reform agenda alone. Our work is powered by like-minded legal professionals, students, activists, academics, and organizations like those in the international Appleseed Network.  That’s why each year in the Spring, we celebrate our combined efforts in support of the true spirit of equitable justice.  


Please take a moment to view the videos on the right. They offer you a chance to hear why the Collaboration for Justice is deserving of your financial support from those who are actively engaged in the work of the organization. Your financial contributions support our team's effort to best harness the skills and passion of people like Liz Yablonicky, David Melton, David Schrodt, and many more.


"It amazes me how much Appleseed is able to accomplish with such a small but mighty team, and I know it is made possible by the pro bono work and contributions made by the legal community."

Brianna Hill

Loyola University Law Student



Chicago Appleseed and the Chicago Council of Lawyers are in a unique Collaboration for Justice, dedicated to making our courts fair and accessible for all people. We are a hub for lawyers, activists, and community members dedicated to identifying and fighting for evidence-based solutions to common daily injustices in our courts. By improving courts, we improve lives. 


Chicago Appleseed and the Chicago Council of Lawyers have been effective in achieving justice system improvements because of contributions from dedicated volunteers, professionals, lawyers, and Council members. With your help, our Collaboration for Justice has helped hundreds-of-thousands of people in Cook County, Illinois, and the country as a whole. We hope you can support us by sponsoring our June Pro Bono Spotlight as a friend, ally or advocate sponsor or by making an individual donation.

WEEK 1  Individual & Student Volunteers

Melanie Yeames
David Baltmanis
Kaitlyn Filip

During the first week of our Pro Bono Spotlight we recognized the assertive spirit of our law student volunteers, as well as the enthusiasm and determination of the individual volunteers who fuel our efforts.  Please take a moment to hear them speak about their experience working within the Collaboration for Justice...


Why pursue pro bono work for Chicago Appleseed

and the Chicago Council of Lawyers?

"The local work that Appleseed and the Council focuses on could affect people we know, work with, and interact with in our daily lives. The organization is doing incredibly powerful and important work and I enjoy contributing in any way that I can."



University of Chicago Law Student

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